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The Consciousness Revolution

“The quality of your consciousness at this moment is what shapes the future.”

-Eckhart Tolle: The power of now: a guide to spiritual enlightenment

There is a profound revolution in human consciousness occuring in our world today.

Consciousness is the foundation for all reality. Everything that exists in the Cosmos is, in reality, the outward manifestation of various degrees of consciousness and intelligence. As such, our level of consciousness determines and defines our current level of existence, as well as, the trajectory for further potential advancement in human evolution.

Thus said, as we evolve and advance our levels of consciousness, so do we, in turn, advance and evolve our world.

Willis Harmon wrote in the preface of his book, Global Mind Change: "No matter how powerful the economic or political or even military institution, it persists only because it has legitimacy, and that legitimacy comes from the perceptions of the people. A challenge to legitimacy is probably the most powerful force for change to be found in history". He went on to say, "By deliberately changing the internal image of reality, people can change the world".

The 21st century can best be described in intellectual/spiritual terms as the awakening of human consciousness, both individually and collectively. There is now more information and knowledge available to every single member of the human family than at any other time in human history. With the database of information doubling every 2-3 years, we are witnessing a literal explosion of human knowledge- and with it an exponential increase in human consciousness worldwide. Information, knowledge and consciousness together translates into a greater awakening of understanding, intelligence and awareness, attributes most needed in this time of great crisis and transition for human civilization. As such, the prospects for unprecedented levels of societal advancement and human evolution have never been greater.

The current state of consciousness on the planet today can best be summed up in a number of words: confused, fractured, dysfunctional, disharmonious, dissonant, dishonest, debased, devolved, debauched and thoroughly inadequate towards addressing the multifaceted number of crises' and critical world needs of building the mechanisms for planet management. At base, collective human consciousness must evolve to a level that guarantees clean water, sufficient food, shelter, health care, transportation, education, fullfillment and opportunity to every single member of the human family. Without a level playing field for everyone on Earth, the world will remain in a state of conflict, resentment, incoherence, imbalance and incongruity. Complete and absolute resonance with this newly evolved state of consciousness amongst all members of the human family on Earth is step #1 towards building and achieving an advanced civilization for mankind. This will, of course, require a shift away from militarism and warmongering and into an era of sustainable planet management with the construction of a global green world order. Once basic needs for all members of our planetary family are met, we can begin to delve into the more heady issues of space exploration, colonization and our eventual leap to the stars. In addition to outer space, our exploration of inner space can develop and mature as well, with the practice of mediatation, the achievement of higher states of consciousness and intelligence, as well as the mastery of our minds in relation to the divine mysteries of the greater cosmos at large, both within and without.

No one can force the minds of men to change, but we must all work to see that it is in the best interests of all members of our species to elevate and evolve to a level of consciousness and intelligence that protects and guarantee's our collective survival, growth and prosperity well into the 21st century and beyond. The current path that humanity now treads can and must only lead to species extinction. If the trajectory of spiritual evolution has anything to say about it, species extinction will NOT be an option.

Thus said, the current revolution in human consciousness is the great game changer. The evolution and progression of human consciousness and intelligence cannot be thwarted, stopped or derailed, for IT IS the very arrow of evolution and the advancement of the human condition that innately and eternally strives for greater perfection and fullfillment within the current confines of both time and space on this small and insignificant planet we call Earth.

In the end, it is the revolution of human consciousness that will transform itself into the evolution of human consciousness, for revolution is the great engine for evolution.

Steve Jones
aka- Jonas the Prophet
Brussels, Belgium

Novermber 19, 2029


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