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Music Linx Page-2


101. Heart- Dog and Butterfly:
Heart- Song: Dog and Butterfly
102. Ofra Haza- Jerusalem of Gold:
Ofra Haza- Song: Jerusalem of Gold
103. Ofra Haza- Im Nin' Alu:
Ofra Haza- Song: Im Nin' Alu
104. Roxette- Listen to Your Heart:
Roxette- Song: Listen to Your Heart
105. Heart- These Dreams:
Heart- Song: These Dreams
106. Rush- Closer to the Heart:
Rush- Song: Closer to the Heart
107. Moody Blues- Your Wildest Dreams:
Moody Blues- Song: Your Wildest Dreams
108. Celine Dion- To Love You More:
Celine Dion- Song: To Love You More
109. Don Dokken- Alone Again:
Don Dokken- Song: Alone Again
110. Don Dokken- In My Dreams:
Don Dokken- Song: In My Dreams
111. Fleetwood Mac- Go Your Own Way:
Fleetwood Mac- Song: Go Your Own Way
112. Europe- The Final Countdown:
Europe- Song: The Final Countdown
113. Scott McKenzie- If You Go To San Francisco:
Scott McKenzie- Song: If You Go To San Francisco
114. Queen- We Are the Champions:
Queen- Song: We Are the Champions
115. Beastie Boys- Fight For Your Right:
Beastie Boys- Song: Fight For Your Right
116. AC/DC- Back in Black:
AC/DC- Song: Back in Black
117. AC/DC- Thunderstruck:
AC/DC- Song: Thunderstruck
118. Greatful Dead- Truckin:
Greatful Dead- Song: Truckin
119. Metallica- One:
Metallica- Song: One
120. Warrant- Heaven:
Warrant- Song: Heaven
121. Tesla- Love Song:
Tesla- Song: Love Song
122. Tesla- Modern Day Cowboy:
Tesla- Song: Modern Day Cowboy
123. White Lion- Wait:
White Lion- Song: Wait
124. Winger- Seventeen:
Winger- Song: Seventeen
125. Slaughter- Fly to the Angels:
Slaughter- Song: Fly to the Angels
126. Jefferson Starship- We Built This City on Rock and Roll:
Jefferson Starship- Song: We Built This City on Rock and Roll
127. Styx- Come Sail Away:
Styx- Song: Come Sail Away
128. Robert Plant- Ship of Fools:
Robert Plant- Song: Ship of Fools
129. Enigma- A Return to Innocence:
Enigma- Song: A Return to Innocence